More than a store, A meeting place for us all to share stories, news & laughter!

About Us

Bryan and Becky Flundra

Bryan and Becky Flundra purchased the old R.M. Of Silver Creek building in the fall of 2013 which was right after their wedding. They did not have a set plan in mind but Becky had quite often spoke of owning a shop of her own someday. One thing led to another and with the amazing connection made with Mrs. Baker from the Baker General Store in Vista, Manitoba the vision of the Angusville General Store began.

Our counters in the Angusville General Store were utilized in the Vista General Store for decades. Both Bryan and Becky have an interest in preserving things of old and not necessarily the ones of monetary value, but the ones that tell wonderful stories of hard work and exciting times. Each item that is displayed in the store to help give it more of an authentic feel has a wonderful story to tell. Bryan and Becky know a few of these stories and are willing to share them with customers. There is such value in the next generations to know of the lives of their grandparents and we can not wait for the days of Grandmas and Grandpas bringing their grandchildren in for a cup of hot chocolate and touring around the store telling them about the hardwork of cutting hay with the sithe displayed on the store wall, or going to school with lunch in the old honey buckets that are now sitting on the shelf.

Mission: Angusville General Store aims to reflect on and revive the community General Store. You will find daily necessities, organic goods, local products, fresh floral arrangements, and more! In relation to how past General Stores served the community by encouraging friends and neighbours to share stories, news and laughter, Angusville General Store strives to be that for our community.