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Fresh Flowers

Ever since Becky started an after school job in a flower shop, she developed a passion and love for floral design and care. This passion has lead her to doing floral design on the side for over the past 10 years. Starting January 2014 she enrolled in the Floral Design program through the Saskatoon School of Horticulture. She finds so much fulfillment in designing to meet her customer's floral needs and visions.

Flowers are truly a part of all of life's celebrations. We enjoy giving flowers to friends on their birthdays, our spouse on Valentine's Day, let those special ladies know we care on Mother's Day, centre our family meals at a table with festive designs on Christmas and Thanksgiving, remember those who have passed on and celebrate their lives, send a smile to someone feeling ill, decorate our parent's on their anniversary and our children when they graduate, deliver them to the new arrival in the nursery, hold them in our hands when we walk down the aisle and if nothing else, we can give them to whoever just because we want to show appreciation or brighten their day.

Here are some of the special designs from the Angusville General Store.