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Our Products

Organic Goods

We stock a variety of organic and healthy alternative foods, household cleaners, and body care products.

  • Willow Creek Organic Grain Co is a Saskatchewan-based organic food manufacturing company and has products that include sunflower and pumpkin seeds, spices, lentils, beans, flax, oats, and the list goes on. The two items that are always in Becky and Becky's kitchen pantry are 3 lentil mix and groats.
  • Domo Tea is a unique way to enjoy a delicious cup of stone ground tea, mixed in warm frothed milk. A huge hit is their honey crystals. This product comes to us from beautiful British Columbia! We also serve this tea from our cafe.
  • Inari, Wholesome Sweetners, Namaste, and Now Foods are also stocked on our shelves and if there is a certain product that you would like, let us know and we will be glad to order it in for you.

Start making the healthy switch to organic for your household at the Angusville General Store.

Manitoba Made

Angusville General Store takes pride in supporting and encouraging local crafts people and entrepreneurs by showcasing their items in our store.

  • Raven Creek Farm stocks our store with liquid honey, creamed honey, buckwheat honey, honey butters, beeswax candles, skin creams, and lip balms. They farm near Oakburn. If you are lucky enough to see a cinnamon honey butter while you are visiting our store, you better grab it quick, they do not last long on the shelves, definitely a favourite.
  • North Country Grains comes to our store from Swan River. They are Manitoba producers of organic whole grain stone ground flour and flour mixes. Their product line includes beer bread mixes, fish crips, Ukrainian kutia, wing batter mix, muffin mix, and waffle/pancake mix.
  • Old Fashion Catering makes delicious perogies, pereshke, and cabbage rolls. These items are another hot commodity in the store, you will be lucky to sink your teeth into these Ukrainian delicacies.
  • Blue Moon Saskatoon from Rossburn grows Saskatoons and jars jam and jelly. The Luhowy's also offer a U-pick at their farm if you are in need of fresh Saskatoons during the short growing season which is usually mid-July.
  • Pipcreek Studio & Farm creates body care and all sorts of other helpful products just outside of Inglis. Andrea is always creating new items such as beeswax wraps, hand painted canvas baskets, and furoshiki bags.
  • Freefield Organics is another Inglis farm that keeps us stocked with Camelina oil. Numerous health benefits to this oil and it tastes amazing on fresh salads.
  • Winnipeg Old Country deliveries fresh sausage, bologna, salami and the forever favourite pepperettes, blue string sausage and red string sausage.

If you are interested in having your product on our shelves, please email us at .

Fair Trade

If you are not familiar with Fair Trade, here is a brief description: The concept of 'fair trade' is one that promotes positive relationships between the producers and businesses, allows for the producer and workers to be paid properly for the products, and encourages social and environmental responsibility.

Essential Oils

For those of us that have brought essential oil use into our lives and seen the huge benefits, and for those who still need to be introduced. We have a number of essential oils in stock and even more that can be ordered in to meet your needs. Essential oils can be used numerous ways to benefit ourselves, homes, and workplaces. Bug spray, skin care, cleaners, air purifiers, and so much more!

The two brands that we currently stock in the store are Aura Cacia and NOW. There is a variety of essential oils, diffusers, carrier oils, and even empty containers for you to start mixing your own products to suit your own needs. Start your own home collection with: a diffuser, lavendar, tea tree, and peppermint oils.

Daily Necessities

Angusville General Store stocks shelves full of daily necessities that include a can of soup, pair of gloves, loaf of bread, litre of milk, diapers, stamps, greeting cards, ... And for the days of fun, we have fishing tackle, treats, ...